Submissions are open to school-age children and young adults, from Pre-Kindergarten until 12th grade and are accepted through schools, arts councils, or public libraries. All submissions are submitted digitally online by a teacher, librarian, arts council member, or school staff member.

All entries need to be submitted online through a Google form:
• Requests to submit work can be initiated by emailing Andrea Fetterly at
• Care needs to be taken to ensure that all fields are completed and the student’s work has been submitted.

Please refrain from including in the description the student's name or other information that may provide insight to the student's identity.

• Effective visual and/or aural communication. The entry should convey a message or story and display a mastery of the medium.
• Creative visual and/or aural expression.
• Technical quality of the final product. We understand that not all students have access to the same level of equipment. It is important that each entry specify the equipment used so that judges may take that into consideration.
• Adherence to copyright law will be strictly enforced. Use of works by another artist must fall under fair use guidelines and proper credit must be given.

Submission deadline is March 31, 2021
• Entries are open to student created work from May 2020 through March 2021. All submissions must be turned in by March 31, 2021.
• Every submission must be a PK-12 appropriate piece that should be an exemplary illustration of the student's work and achievement.
• Submissions cannot promote gratuitous violence or sexual content, nor the recreational use of controlled substances. We reserve the right to refuse submissions based on the Genesee Valley Educational Partnership's Code of Conduct.
• Entries may be submitted for individual children, larger groups, or whole classes.
• A student may have a maximum of two entries per category; one as an individual and a second as a part of a group submission.


Length up to 10 minutes. Accepted formats are .mp3, .mp4, Flash Video (.flv), Windows Media (.wmv), QuickTime (.mov), or web embeddable code.
Examples: book talks, commentaries, commercials, interviews, music, news programs, or radio plays. For .m4a files exported from Garage Band, please compress with AAC Encoder, Audio at Higher Quality and un-check the box for setting the artwork to a recommended size for podcasts.

Image and visual graphics generated from computer software or photos submitted in a digital format. Entries may be a single image or a photo essay (submitted as a single file). Entries should be submitted at the highest resolution possible in .jpeg or .png format, though size may not exceed 100MB.
Examples: images, photos, computer art, floor plans, landscapes, literary magazines, maps, photo essays or collages, portraits, posters, or product packaging.

Visual arts media that have interactive elements. Links to online work are only acceptable with assurance that student access to the site is restricted after the submission deadline. File size may not exceed 100MB.
Examples: websites, apps, games, interactive fiction, wikis, Alice, Minecraft Worlds, Scratch, or Glogsters.

Any moving pictures, with or without sound, including: videos, animations, and web-based content. Length can be up to 10 minutes and files may have a maximum 100MB size. Accepted formats are Flash Video (.flv), Windows Media (.wmv), QuickTime (.mov) files and web embeddable code.
Examples: animations, informational pieces, music videos, satires, stop motion, talkies, montages, or Animotos.