The Digies

About the DIGIES

The DIGIES is an annual digital media conference and festival run by the Genesee Valley Educational Partnership in Western New York State.

Our mission is to strengthen the digital media continuum between K-12 schools, higher ed, and professional institutions, and as well as recognizing student potential in an annual festival format.

To achieve this, we:

  • provide professional development for K-12 teachers, librarians, and public librarians who work with K-12 populations with an annual conference day each year. By providing workshops facilitated by professional digital media artists, professors, and experts, we help teachers utilize tools to get students actively learning and creating media.

  • hold an annual festival which recognizes the accomplishments of K-12 students and teachers. With judges from local arts councils, colleges, and universities around the country, and professional digital media artists, we increase visibility to our students and their wide range of talents.

  • provide a pathway for our students to win scholarships. We are looking to partner with higher ed institutions and companies that may be able to give students a chance to win a scholarship to help them further their educational and/or career goals in the digital media arts.

    With a focus on the active creation of digital media, rather than the passive use of social media and other forms of digital media, we are better able to meet educational standards and increase student learning.