The Snow Day

Project Information
Project Description: 

My PreK classes were exploring snow through the lens of a scientist. We went out and played in the snow and then brought containers of it in the classroom to make comparisons, measurements and explore the different properties of snow. The kids helped to decide all the pieces of the video through whole group discussions and then by working in small groups. I helped by taking pictures and videos of the kids playing and then together we edited everything into our Snow Day video!

Technical Description: 
We used our classroom iPad to record pictures and videos, the kids are familiar with using iPads because we have a set of 5 to use daily. Then, we used iMovie and picked one of the trailer options to create our video. The kids met in small groups at centers and decided which clip should go where and what we should say in the text boxes. For doing a project like this with PreK students using the iMovie trailer option helped a lot! We then shared the video for submissions via Google Drive. Enjoy!
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Mrs. Laurie-Nicoll's PreK AM & PM Classes
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Leslie Laurie-Nicoll