Harriet Tubman's Life

Project Information
Project Description: 
Students learned about the life of famous abolitionist and suffragist Harriet Tubman. They wrote about her, and drew pictures of her life, and recorded themselves speaking about her. With the help of a teacher, they uploaded their files to a shared web page featuring their artwork and recordings.
Technical Description: 
Children used the camera app on an iPod Touch to take pictures of their original artwork. A teacher helped hold the iPod steady as the kids took their pictures. Then they used an app called Shadow Puppet to describe the scene they drew. Lastly, with the help of a teacher, they used an app called Padlet to combine all their files in an online common space (a platform also called Padlet.)
Interactive Media File Description: 
Should run in any web browser, though Chrome is preferred.
Student Information
Student Name: 
Jackson Beasley
Jillian Farron
Evan Godsave
Colton Hacker
Matthew Haynes
Jessie Hotchkiss
Bobbielyn Kays
Mehregan Matasovsky
Conlan Nichols
Simon O'Neill
Kenneth Pickard
Nicholas Pye
Caden Rossborough
Lucillia Scarborough
Chapel Stevens
Madison Wade
Hunter Wasko
School District: 
Grade Range: 
Project Teacher: 
Marty Waldron, Anne-Marie Gordon