Advent Calendar 2017

Project Information
Project Description: 
Creator has a passion for making videos and loves the holidays especially Halloween and Christmas. In 2017, they decided to make a website that would serve as an online advent calendar, where he would unlock a short stop-motion Christmas themed video each day in December. They created seasonal videos, learned how to use WordPress to make the website, and learned how to upload videos onto YouTube. Starting on Dec 1st, the creator managed the website and unlocked a new video for each day in December until Christmas!
Technical Description: 
iPhone used to create stop-motion videos. YouTube used to host videos. Website created with WordPress.
Interactive Media File Description: 
No special hardware or software needed. Interactive website. Each successive day in December a new day was unlocked and by clicking on that day and link within day, a new stop-motion video was shown to viewer.
Student Information
Student Name: 
Owen Condon
Grade Range: 
Project Teacher: 
Judy Plum (Library) Aimee Ruscio (Mom/Teacher)